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Seeking inspiration from God’s greatest blessing: nature, Aprajita floods her canvas with hues of joy, serenity and solace. Her work presents a doorway to a world where you can afford to press pause and appreciate the stillness of the world. Her paintings gives you the unique opportunity to listen to the voice of the rain, the reveries of the ocean and the rustling of the crimson autumn leaves.

Aprajita is accomplished in acrylics, oils and watercolors but transparency and spontaneity of watercolors attracts her the most. She believes that knowledge is not something which should be hoarded, but it is an artist’s true responsibility to share this gift with others. It is for this reason that she is also an art instructor who offers art lessons along with workshops both in person and online.

Her artworks are up for grabs and are currently in the homes of collectors in the USA (California, NJ, NY), India (Delhi, Bangalore, Gurugram, Punjab, Pune, Mumbai), Canada (Toronto) and UK (London).

Her work has been exhibited in several solo art shows as well as group exhibitions where they were met with great admiration due to their poignance and simplicity. She has also been featured in the renowned magazine, ‘Creative Artist Magazine, in its Summer 2020 issue.

Nature has the ability to enable the minds to explore the infinite possibilities that exist in time and space. But only few are bestowed with the gift to actually hharness this enigmatic force and transform it into a tangible masterpiece. This is exactly what Aprajita does.

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Aprajita’s Art

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